The Pocketknife moniker began as an alias to release white label 12” remix records in the mid-2000s on my Flagrant Fowl imprint.  The success of “Tambourine Dream” (an indie folk remix project) led to a steady stream of commissioned remixes for the likes of Adele, Lykke Li, Paul Weller, The Temper Trap and many more.  I would later go on to work closely with the friends of late downtown luminary Arthur Russell, mixing and remixing their musical projects. Some of these projects were later released on my imprint, Wilde Calm Records.

Tambourine Dream 2: Still Dreaming

Tambourine Dream

Commissioned Remixes

Pocketknife Canyon Dancing 2 EP

White Light 80: Pocketknife

Pockeknife Presents: Moving Me Up (Russell Mania)

Pocketknife Presents: Extra Alchemy

Pocketknife Presents: Extra Alchemy 2

Pocketknife Presents: Extra Alchemy 3


Edits/White Label Remixes:

From the Ruffle Yo Featherz EP:

Jose Gonzalez "Heartbeats (Pocketknife's Pacemaker Remix)"
Lambda Lambda Lambda "Talent Show (Pocketknife's Hair Pie Bonus Beat)"

From the Tougher Than Featherz EP:

Arthur Russell "She's The Star (Pocketknife's Continual Cornfield Remix)"
Suicide "Ghost Rider (Pocketknife's Torn Bowery Blazer Remix)"
Kels vs Tone "Wyld Ignition Thang (Pocketknife's Oh Pee Pee Blend)"

From the Tambourine Dream Mix CD:

Beirut “Scenic World (Pocketknife's Breathtaken Remix)”
Paul Simon “Paranoia Blues (Pocketknife’s Big Apple Nostalgia Remix)”
Iron & Wine “Each Coming Night (Pocketknife’s Rooftop Telescope Remix)”
Devendra Banhart “I Feel Just Like A Child (Pocketknife’s Peach Fuzz Remix)”
Feist “Gatekeeper (Pocketknife’s Faded Beach Towel Remix)”
Joanna Newsom “The Book of Right On (Pocketknife’s Scowling Owl Remix)”
John Lennon “Oh Yoko (Pocketknife’s Numero Ono Refix)”
Jose Gonzalez “Storm (Pocketknife's TuBa 303 Remix)”
Sufjan Stevens “To Be Alone With You (Pocketknife's Considerate Eagle Scout Remix)”
Seu Jorge “Rebel Rebel (Pocketknife’s Sem Uma Causa Remix)”
Nick Drake “Know (Pocketknife's Dampened Spirits Remix)”
Nico “I'll Keep It With Mine (Pocketknife's Odd Beauty Remix)”
White Magic “The Gypsies Came Marching After (Pocketknife’s Silk, Wool & Rust Remix)”

From the Canyon Dancing EP:

Liars “A Visit From Drum (Pocketknife's großer Kessel Remix)”
Patti Smith “Ghost Dance (Pocketknife's Arms Out Remix)”
Yeasayer “Sunrise (Pocketknife's Rise and $hine Remix)”
Soft Circle “Earthed (Pocketknife's Terra Cotta Remix)”
Six Organs of Admittance “Tukulti Will Burn (Pocketknife's Uprising Remix)”

From the Go Bang! A Tribute To Arthur Russell CD:

Pocketknife "Get Around To It (featuring Joe Worricker)"
Recent Memory "Lucky Cloud (Pocketknife Remix)"

From Canyon Dancing 2 EP:

Wooden Wand “I Am the One I Am (Pocketknife's Spirited Remix)”
Mi Ami "Version (Pocketknife's Echo Edit)"
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus“Searching (Pocketknife Mix)”
Religious Knives“Adam (Pocketknife Mix)”

From the Nirosta Steel Some Say 7" single:

Nirosta Steel "Some Say (Pocketknife Mix)"

From the Tambourine Dream 2 - Still Dreaming Mix (Cassettte and digital):

Frederik “Black Fur”
The Ruby Suns “Blue Penguin”
Peasant “The End”
Cat Power “Baby Doll”
Toro y Moi “New Loved Ones”
The Tallest Man On Earth “Won’t Be Found”
Emily Jane White “Time Is On Your Side”
The Cairo Gang “Warning”
Iron & Wine “Cinder and Smoke”
Bon Iver “Blindsided”
Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”
Taken By Trees “Watch the Waves”
Vetiver “Los Parajos Del Rio”
The Morning Benders “Mother and Child Reunion”
Mansions On the Moon “Walk On the Moon”
Chelsea Wolfe “Flatlands”
Songs of Green Pheasant “Fires PGR”
Little Wings “Scuby”


Tambourine Dream
Allez-Allez Mix
self-titled Magazine Mix
Live On Turntable Lab Radio
Live On Beats In Space
Gargyle Top-siders Mix
Gargyle Cabin Fever Mix
Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY
Pocketknife Presents: MOVING ME UP (Russellmania)
Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY 2
Tambourine Dream 2 - Still Dreaming


Arthur's Landing "Miracle 2" Arthur's Landing
Elodie Lauten "Miracle 2" EP
Elodie Lauten Transform EP
Arthur's Landing “List of Boys”

Commissioned Remixes:
(roughly chronological)

Kenneth Bager "Fragment Seven - Les Fleur (Pocketknife's Beach Blanket Bongos Remix)"
Kenneth Bager "Fragment Ten - On the Floor (Pocketknife's Bearskin Rug Remix)"
Manicured Noise "Faith (Pocketknife's Straight Line Edit)"
Manicured Noise "Faith (Pocketknife's Sax In the City Remix)"
Paul Weller "Have You Made Up Your Mind (Pocketknife Remix)"
Adele "Hometown Glory (Pocketknife's Familiar Faces Remix)" -- Unreleased
Leon Jean-Marie "You Must Know (Pocketknife's Assured Remix)"
Lykke Li "Breaking It Up (Pocketknife's Loosefoot Remix)" -- Unreleased
Headless Heroes "Just Like Honey (Pocketknife's Dripping Remix)"
The Temper Trap "Science of Fear (Pocketknife's Red Skies Remix)" -- Special Tour Only 12"
Kenneth Bager "Fragment One (Pocketknife's Wind & Whispers Remix)"
Alphabeat "What Is Happening (Pocketknife Remix)"
Gabrielle Cilmi "Sanctuary (Pocketknife Re-edit) Radio Version"
Nick Harrison "Something Special (Pocketknife Remix)"
N*Grandjean "Wake Up (Pocketknife Remix)"
Hess Is More "Yes Boss (Pocketknife Remix)"
Jose Gonzalez "Storm (Pocketknife's TuBa 303 Remix)"
Keane "Spiralling (Pocketknife Remix)"
Dappled Cities "The Price (Pocketknife Remix)"
Recent Memory "Lucky Cloud (Pocketknife Remix)"
Sherlock's Daughter "Song For Old People (Pocketknife Know Know Remix)"
Joe Worricker "Wrap Me Up (Pocketknife Mix)"
This Is Head "0007 (Pocketknife Remix)"
Imperial Tiger Orchestra "Djemeregne (Pocketknife Translation)"
NUFrequency "Connected (Pocketknife Remix)"
Solid Light "Make It Home (Pocketknife Remix)"
Arthur’s Landing “List of Boys (Pocketknife Mix)”