The Oratai Ensemble was an eight-piece modern classical group that operated in the early 2000s in New York City.  The group was formed after I was invited to perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s NextNext Festival.  We released one album called “Mountains & Myths” that was inspired by Yeti folklore and vintage National Geographic magazines.  A second album, inspired by the legend of the Kraken, was partially recorded.  The ensemble would later go on to record music for numerous projects including the film score for “Bill Cunningham New York.” We also regularly composed music for various designers during New York Fashion Week.

Ensemble Members:

Synthesizer and Electronics, Skooby Laposky
Clarinet and Flute, Shelly Bauer
Upright and Electric Bass, Clint Brewer
Drums and Percussion, Arei Sekiguchi
Violin, Jayson Greene
Cello, Heather McIntosh
Drums, J.J. Garfinkel
Acoustic Guitar, Aaron Nevezie